The Reason Why Facebook Disallows Short Links

PHAN TRUONG AN Published on July 25, 2021

Facebook places a premium on protecting its consumers' privacy. Facebook takes a lot of precautions to protect users' privacy, so they're taking action against suspected previous breaches and putting tighter safeguards in place to prevent future abuse of the site.

Spammers make use of generic domains.
When you upload a short link on Facebook, you may receive the warning "Your content could not be shared because this link violates our Community Standards." Please let us know if you believe this does not violate our Community Standards.” Why?

The answer is that Facebook prohibits the use of generic domains in short links. Some URL shorteners give consumers a generic domain to test a service. However, because the generic domain is also utilized by spammers, its reputation is frequently jeopardized.

Facebook states that spam is not tolerated on the platform. Facebook considers posting a short link with a generic domain to be spam. provides a free solution.
When posting a short URL, can assist you to avoid being blocked by Facebook. On the Free Plan, you may add up to three personal branded domains. Users trust branded domains because they can see the brand name, which supports a link. A personal domain is unique to your organization and cannot be hacked by spammers. As a result, Facebook has thoroughly authorized your unique short domain. allows you to use an existing custom domain or purchase a new one. The second option enables domain activation automatically.

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