What's a Shortener URL ?

PHAN TRUONG AN Published on August 20, 2021

The last guide to when, how, and why a URL shortener should be used.
This is a reasonable question... This is a fair question It's something we've been asking for, as a URL shortener and a company that specializes in everything related to links.

So we thought we would give you this stealthily expanding industry the whole breakdown. Find out how to leverage your advantage with a link shortener.

What is a shortcut URL?
A shortcut URL is a simple tool that takes a long URL and transforms it into anything you like.

It just couldn't be much easier.

It's the same as the link shortener, I want to explain. The same as the shrinker of the link... The URL condenser... the vanity URL maker... A link compressor... It's all covered, I believe. All of them are different ways to tell the same thing: we want to take something lengthy and ugly and get it short and adorable. To keep things easy, from today till the day I die, I'll keep to URL shortcut.

What's a Shortener Custom URL?
If you have your own custom domain associated with a URL shorter, which functions as a base to the short links you make, it is a bespoke or branded URL shortener. You can choose your own instead of selecting a generic domain like bit.ly or rebrand.ly.

In this gif it is well explained: 


A Short URL Shorteners History
Links have been the means from one place to another since the beginning of the internet. You either start looking for a link, then click a link, or type a URL directly into the address bar of your browser. You can't go around any other way.

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