Why are branded links the best way to shorten a link for social media?

PHAN TRUONG AN Published on August 20, 2021

1. Monitor each click that leads to better business decisions.
The point is, why are you only tracking visitors and their interactions with your brand once they arrive at your website? Begin tracking them from the moment they interact with you — when they click the link. You can access real-time individual link data as well as aggregated data from campaigns using branded links, not to mention a built-in UTM builder.

2. There will be no more one-time link shortening. Manage all link materials in one location with branded links.
It's finally time to develop a strategy for your links. Say goodbye to hastily shortening a link and hoping it was interacted with, or shortening through numerous services and keeping them all together with a link management system.

3. Use branded links to gain access to more advanced capabilities.
To begin with, when you employ a branded link, you can never go wrong. Even if you shorten the incorrect link to make a branded link and distribute it on social media, you may simply change the destination URL (or where the link goes.) It sounds harder than it is—checks out this blog to discover more about how Rebrandly can achieve it in seconds.

4. Integrations help you save time.
Nobody has time in their day for extra tasks. Rebrandly is a branded link management platform providing tools, integrations with prominent sites, mobile apps, and browser extensions that make branding links quick and easy.

5. Finally, they bear YOUR logo, not the logo of another corporation!
This is the most crucial factor. You put in a lot of effort to build your brand. Maintaining consistency in order to build trust with today's consumers. When you use your brand on your links, not only do they stand out, but they can also increase click-through rates by up to 39%. This is because your audience is sure that you posted the link and that it does not go to a spammy website. Not only is your name on the link, but the slug also tells the audience where the link leads.

Let's have a look at how these links appear in action.

Lamborghini uses branded links to shorten its name while also informing the audience where the link will go if they click on it.

Finally, let us return to your initial assumptions.

  • Why are you writing this blog in the first place? I simply paste my long URL into Twitter, and it is shortened.
  • Yes, you can shorten links directly within social media platforms or with generic link shorteners, but you risk losing trust, data, and the reputation of your company.
  • What exactly can a short URL do to help (or hurt) my social media posts?
  • Branded links raise brand awareness and consistency, which leads to enhanced trust and, as a result, a higher click-through rate. So, definitely, branded short URLs can help your content. You also have more creative freedom with branded links because you may change the slug and destination of the URL. Whereas generic links on social media might reduce engagement and click-through rates because the audience is unsure where the link will lead.

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